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Fifth Wave STEaM Academy

WhyFifth Wave?

We’re on the horizon of something truly amazing is happening in computing involving AI, 5G, and the Internet of Things (IoT). It’s the ability to use and combine these technologies and transform them into something useful and meaningful to all communities and societal challenges. 

Fifth Wave is a nonprofit that looks to provide equity and inclusion in education, and integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and certification in  Entrepreneurship. This enterprise-based Training and Development focuses on addressing trends that impact society, the economy, and everyday life. 

“The Fifth Wave of Computing will be fundamental in making the world we live in a better place but most importantly, this technology must be available to all in order to make it more efficient and more sustainable.”

~ Dr. Jeannice Fairrer

This epic knowledge transfer in STEM education and technological transformation is due to more access to data-driven insights, entrepreneurship, and the ability to apply new tools to improve our economic opportunities.


Fifth Wave's holistic learning pedagogy environment is on-site, through boot camp academy, the FW Innovation Lab, and global hackathons that focus on the challenges of real-world issues and solutions applying technology. The curriculum is mastered in critical thinking and problem-solving, which simulates real-world workplace dynamics.

Our Programs


In the heart of Silicon Valley in Northern California, with offices in Detroit, Michigan, and soon Washington, DC we are meeting the need for career readiness with a holistic approach to learning. Offering transferable courses online, for enterprise training & development in Transformative Leadership (TM), ESGs, cultural transitioning,  and Information Technology-Blockchain and BI. Community-based to learners for vocational and college preparation, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Transformation verticals. We pride ourselves on serving all communities, all marginalized populations including Black, Latinx, Indigenous, all ethnic groups, and gender-centric communities. 

Core Values:

  • The best way to reinforce a skill is to practice it yourself, and learning technology is no different in the Fifth Wave studio. Learners will take away the logical flow of creating development.  


  • The guide to intuitive understanding: These modules are designed to develop the required skills about the subject matter, such as blockchain, robotics, and environmental engineering. 


  • Through this module, learners will discover where and how to apply gained skills in the real world in the teamwork of 3-4 students.


  • Real-world applications: The projects you’ll provide the perfect starting point for exposure to a technical field and a foundation to increase knowledge. Everything you build and practice will be an exciting journey with real-world impact.

Our Programs

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