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Why A Hackathon?


The Fifth Wave Blockchain Hackathon is a global gathering that is fun for the curious-minded who want to engage on world topics through learning, discussions, teamwork, and celebration! 

Our goal at Fifth Wave is to teach the fundamentals of blockchain with a no-code approach and understand its impact on our lives. No previous knowledge of blockchain is needed to attend this four-day event. We will provide all the information you need to understand blockchain and how it works.

Areas of Impact:


Financial Literacy


Design Thinking


About Fifth Wave:

Fifth Wave is based in Silicon Valley, California. Founder Dr. Jeannice Fairrer Samani, award-winning STEM educator, and financial expert. Fifth Wave has introduced over a dozen STEM programs to the Bay area for students of all ages.

What To Expect?

Panel Discussion: How Blockchain Enables Local Impact


Boot Camp 101 Blockchain

Hackathon-live streamed

Pitch Presentations and Celebration! 


Who should participate?

Blockchain for All! It is open to all secondary, GenZers, Millennials, learners in transition and who what to learn more about blockchain and its use in various business and technology applications. 

How will I log in to the panel discussion, Boot Camp, and the hackathon? We will be using Zoom, What's App, Notion for the Fifth Wave Resource Hub, and #hackathon Slack technology to facilitate this event.

How do I get in contact with the organizers? You can find us at,

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