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Design Thinking + Innovation

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Design thinking (DT) is less a process and more a way of thinking about problems and solutions from the perspective of the people affected by them. At its core DT is the way to solve problems in creative and innovative ways.

+ Innovation:

It starts with an intention, a desire, a need or yearning towards a better situation or state. We don’t know whether this is a mere dream for a new product, organizational restructure or a practical and viable path to take, but Design Thinking gives us the tools to explore What Could Be!

Design Thinking principles:

1. Human rule. All design is social in nature.

2. Co-creating. All ideas have value and opportunity for innovation.

3. Ambiguity rule. Preserve ambiguity.

4. Redesign rule. All design is redesign, design has intention and impact.

TIPS: While design thinking is not a process, there are still rules to guide our design activities.

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